All YEHSS employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement with YEHSS. These agreements provide YEHSS the right to terminate employment, if the confidentiality breach is deemed to be significant, harmful or damaging to YEHSS, its clients, and its client’s insured members. These confidentiality agreements also provide sanctions for employees as recommended by HIPAA.All patient and provider specific information that we receive or generate as a result of delivering our services is treated as confidential, and it is not disclosed to those who do not have a need to view it in relation to the services we deliver to our clients. The electronic data is stored on secure computer servers and PC workstations, which require a unique user name and password to access such data.

All patient and provider information that exists in printed format is contained within designated working spaces. Information that requires mailing is secured in a sealed envelope prior to leaving YEHSS. All YEHSS Client and Vendor Agreements include a Business Associate Addendum. The incorporation of this addendum ensures that all parties involved in the use and/or disclosure of protected health information to be in compliance and that they will remain in compliance with current HIPAA Regulations. The Addendum also outlines the procedures the parties must follow, with regard to protected health information, upon termination of their Agreements.