Our Standards

YEHSS is a private group (with members credentialed at multiple facilities). This allows us to assist a given surgeon at (multiple) facilities. We take (detailed) notes on every case we assist on. This includes patient position, necessary equipment, supplies, and instrumentation.(This information is shared with every member) of our assisting group (to ensure that the surgeon is receiving routine and  consistent help.) We arrive on site at least one half hour prior to the scheduled start time to ensure that all of the surgeon’s requests are taken care of. This helps to prevent unnecessary delays prior to and during the operative procedure. Because we specialize in assisting, we can often help the surgeon decrease his/her operative times.

Your office has the ability to request help on an individual case by case basis or place standing orders for particular (facilities) to help accommodate your block scheduling if need be. The ease and convenience to your office staff is one of the many things YEHSS prides itself on.

First time users of the service can register at the web site. You will be prompted to fill out the new user form. Information is kept strictly confidential and is used to facilitate prompt and accurate service to our surgeon clients.

Once you are in the system scheduling a First Assistant is easy and takes just a few moments. All of the necessary information is given at that time. Any scheduling conflicts will be recognized and addressed in advance to ensure you have the help you need at the time of the procedure. Your special requests for equipment and supplies will be taken at the time of scheduling so on the day of the procedure you can be assured that the materials you need are there.

You can be confident that these important yet delegatable measures are taken care of, leaving you to focus on the task at hand. Let us handle the organization and facilitation of the logistics of your procedure. We will do as much of the preoperative setup of your procedure as you need us to.

Once your office has booked the procedure with the facility and the determination to use a First Assistant is indicated your office manager/scheduler will log on to the YEHSS web site.

They will then be prompted to enter the pertinent information about the procedure. This includes facility, date, time, and procedure.

They will then be able to choose either a particular First Assistant or have the option of taking first available. At this time the site itself will notify the scheduler if any conflict with that First Assistant availability exists. The schedules of all of our assistants are available and accessible to your office for viewing on the web site. In the event of a scheduling conflict you will be prompted to choose another First Assistant from the list of available people. You can look at an individual’s bio and check references right at the site. We understand that you have the final say so in who helps you and want to provide you with all the information you need to make that determination.

Once you have chosen an assistant you will then be prompted to enter any special needs that you would like that assistant to tend to for this procedure. Notifying a sales rep, ensuring a particular piece of equipment is available, etc.

This information is provided to your assistant when they access their schedule to allow them time to make sure these needs are met. This is of paramount importance to YEHSS as we realize that you have other options available to you. If this is the first time you are utilizing us for this type of procedure we will assign a junior associate to be on hand to make notations of all the special needs and supplies used for this procedure. This information then goes into our web site database and is automatically provided to any YEHSS “Surgical Assistant” on all subsequent procedures in the future. This ensures the continuity of care we strive to provide and you should expect of a service of this nature.

Your Extra Hands Surgical Services prides itself on the commitment to service portrayed in every aspect of our First Assistant services. We want you to receive this same level of professionalism on the procedures you perform.

This pamphlet includes testimonials from our surgeon and facility clients attesting to this commitment. We have also included a reference surgeon in each of the specialty areas we cover. We encourage you to investigate our dynamic and unique service for yourself.

Once you have determined that this is a service you would like us to provide to you please contact us at the address below so we can make the necessary arrangements to start providing you this free service. We greatly appreciate your business! Through a continued commitment to excellence that comes from years of experience and absolute dedication to service and continued education, we are confident in offering this service to you.

We have stated numerous times in this publication that the determination of who you designate to assist you on your procedures is up to you.