Temporary Staffing Division

Your Extra-Hands Surgical Services, Inc. is comprised of experienced medical professionals dedicated to the healthcare profession. With decades of combined experience in the medical field, YEHSS’s directors are ensuring that our goals are being met. We are rapidly expanding within our home area and nationally.

What makes YEHSS Successful?

As individuals working within our specialty areas, we have reached for the highest levels of certification and training. The YEHSS directors have been on multiple sides of the healthcare crisis. We have worked the long hard hours in understaffed departments. We have also occupied supervisory positions and wished for adequate well-trained staff. It is these experiences that have given us our unique perspective.

We specialize in helping medical professionals maximize their potential and realize their dreams. At the same time, we help health care facilities respond to the technical and professional personnel shortage by providing cost-effective solutions. We take pride in matching a facility’s needs with proficient, competent staff.


The nationwide shortage of health care workers provides many difficult challenges for human resource and management staff members throughout the health care industry. Our mission at Your Extra-Hands Surgical Services is to help meet the staffing needs of your facility in a cost effective and timely manner.


YEHSS employees are required to have at least 1 year of experience. YEHSS recruits are intensely scrutinized through a very stringent interviewing and evaluation process.

We conduct extensive background checks on each prospective employee, as well as verifications of previous employment and detailed skills checks. Licensure and certifications are verified before presenting temporary staff members to our clients. We will always make every effort to present our clients with the most skilled and experienced personnel available. We make no qualms in letting our clients know that not everyone that applies makes it through the screening process. It is through these standards that we pursue our goal of “cost effective staffing” in order to provide you (our client) with the highest quality of service.

The Bottom Line

Submitting your staffing needs with YEHSS is a free service. Our clients incur no cost until the day our we provide the help you need.

The bottom line is that, as a company we will always endeavor to protect your bottom line. We will provide your facility with the most experienced and cost-effective temporary and long term staffing that can be found in the industry. Take the time to check our very competitive hourly rates and see the YEHSS difference.

What makes YEHSS different?

When your facility accepts staffing personnel through YEHSS; payroll, the processing and payment of employment related taxes, liability insurance, housing, health and dental insurance, relocation, and retirement all become the responsibility of YEHSS. No detail is too small to insure that you, our client is satisfied. Attention to detail makes all the difference. When a YEHSS staff member arrives, they arrive ready to work.

Details such as, orientation, documents to have with them, where and to whom to report will have been addressed long before the staff member arrives. As our client, you get staff that is ready to go when they hit the door.

Put us to work for you today!

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